Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Live music, a DJ or an IPOD? You decide!

Musical Options... 

Over the years First Class Weddings has spent a lot of hours going over musical options with our clients. Now, with our blog up and running we have the ability to freely bring you insider information regarding the selection of your wedding and reception music. This is important because it fills the air with magic when your guests arrive and ultimately sets the mood for your wedding. 

Live Music: This option is the most expensive. However, having live music at your ceremony is highly recommended. Live music truly fills the air with an emotional element that you can't get from another source. If you're looking to provide a serene moment in time in which your guests will always remember then live music is the way to go. If you are considering going live at your reception then it will be important to remember that your music list will be limited to their repertoire.

DJ: This option can be a nice alternative option to live music and can save you a little money depending on how much time you need a DJ for. However, First Class Weddings highly recommends having a DJ at your wedding reception over your ceremony. Experienced DJ's can customize your celebration and provide you with what the world offers in music. They make it fun and they can also provide MC services. DJ's are not for everybody yet can work perfectly should you want your music to reach beyond a specific genre.

iPod: This option is by far the most conservative option. First Class Weddings does not recommend an iPod for your wedding because it really does dampen the overall ambiance. In addition, in our experience; 9 times out of 10 something happens with either the equipment, the programing, the speaker system or person that's in charge of 'hitting play'.

Whatever option you select we would like to remind you that this day happens only once in a lifetime. It is not an ordinary day so we encourage you to make it extra special by securing a special musician soloist, duo, trio, quartet, band and or DJ. An iPod...well it's really for everyday use!

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