Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Code of Conduct

Often, there are certain unspoken rules of engagement when working with other people. This silent protocol is extremely important in establishing who we are as people.
              This pertains to businesses dealing with a client
              A client dealing with businesses
              Business working with other businesses
              Employees working for a company
              Companies that employ people

It’s simple really. The five codes of conduct listed below will allow each of us to sustain ourselves in a place where we all are proud to work, live and play. If we all get on board with this silent language, then we all together equally create a healthier, happier world.


Act with integrity.
Be honest.
Follow the law.
Comply with the Code.
Be accountable.

No matter what way you spin it, a person or companies “Code of Conduct” matter!

Now we all know that there are some people and businesses that make up their own rules of engagement. The funny thing is that these rules are so far off of the five that we have listed above that it makes you wonder what planet they’re on. It is for this reason that we would like to help those that are unclear by reiterating the true meaning of certain words pertaining to the code of conduct.

Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

The quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness
Truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness
Freedom of deceit or fraud

Obliged to accept responsibility
Liable to being called to account; answerable
Capable of being explained

Acting with these “codes of conduct” means acting honestly. It means that you have done the right thing. Here’s to your overall health! Happy Code of Conduct everyone.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food Presentation Choices

Decisions, Decisions!

Believe it or not there are several different ways to serve your food at your wedding reception. Take a look at some of these options and select which one is best for you.

Guests must leave their seats to get fed.  The catering staff will attend to the buffet and you can always include a "action station" in which a chef prepares or slices something in front of you. Common action stations include Caesar Salad, Prime Rib, Pasta etc... The most important thing to remember is that this option means more socializing and less sitting!

Guests stay seated during the entire course of their meal. You can choose several courses to be served at just the right time all the while socializing with the other guests seated at your table. This option offers a more formal atmosphere and tends to be a little bit more expensive than your traditional buffet option.

Family Style:
This is a fairly new option that has caught on over the last few years. The catering staff will prepare decorative platters of food to be displayed around your centerpiece on each reception table. This is a fun and different way of sharing food with your guests because it requires that you use your manners and pass the food appropriately. This is a great option for Thai, Chinese or Asian style food.

Heavy PuPu's (appetizers):
If you are trying to cut down on your costs then this option might be a good one to consider. Of course, the timing of your wedding ceremony may need to be adjusted in order to accommodate for a more pre-dinner experience for your guests. With this option you can provide a wide variety of delectable passed hors d'oeurvres in conjunction with a mini cocktail bar. If you choose this option, please allow for at least 8 or more pieces per person.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top 3 Hawaiian Beaches

Top 3 Beaches in the State of Hawaii

Sun, Sand and Surf.  Give me a cocktail and I am in Heaven.  Stretching my toes in the sand and watching the surf with an amazing sunset in the background, life really can’t get much better than this, can it?  Yes, it can, by getting married on one of the best and most pristine beaches in all of Hawaii.

Hulopo’e Beach on Lana’i
One of the more popular and yet rarely overcrowded beaches, Hulopo’e Beach is the beach you see in your dreams when you think of paradise.  The natural beauty of this beach, both on land and underwater make it a phenomenal location for the outdoor, adventurous couple.  This beach is a protected marine preserve so you can expect to see an entire community of sea creatures, from tropical fish to dolphins to humpback whales during the winter months.  With Manele Bay Hotel just a 5minute walk away, this beach offers any and all amenities that you may need for your special day.  With sparkling blue water and a golden sandy shore, Hulopo’e Beach is one of the best spots in Hawaii for a true island experience.  

Hanalei Bay on Kauai
A 2-mile long stretch of white sandy beach, carved into the base of a sheer cliff, Hanalei Beach offers an unparalleled beauty unlike anything you have ever seen.  Surrounded by emerald green mountains and breathtaking landscape, with Hanalei River to the east, Hanalei Bay offers more than just beauty as it is one of Hawaii’s premiere surf spots. 

This half moon shaped beach allows for almost any ocean activity imaginable, from surfing and body boarding to casual swimming and fishing.  And with the Princeville Resort nearby, couples can follow their simple and yet elegant beach wedding with a lavish reception nearby at the resort.  Composed of a natural beauty that is beyond belief, there really is no place like Hanalei Bay.

Hamoa Beach on Maui
Offering tropical views unmarred by man-made structures, this beach is a gentle reminder of “Old Hawaii.” With lush vegetation and sugary soft sand, the bright blue water of Hamoa Beach captures your eyes and captures your hearts as you surround yourself with the exotic East Maui tropical ambiance.  Located on the edge of Hana Maui, this breathtakingly beautiful beach shares some facilities with Hotel Hana Maui, the only major hotel in the region.  Very rarely crowded, this remote beach allows for the perfect tropical backdrop for your dream island wedding in paradise.  Simply kick off your shoes and say, “I do.”

Article by: Sarah A.K. Makua

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Baby Baby! Children at weddings...

Sweet Child of Mine...

To have, or not to have at your wedding? Some couples don't mind, while others do. Which are you? At some point in the planning process children become a topic of discussion for several reasons and here are a few.

Why couples may not want to include children:
Because it's a formal affair
They don't' want to worry about disturbances
Children aren't their forte
To cut down on costs
To create Buzz

Hire a Nanny or two
Hire a clown or magician
Provide a kids table with activities (coloring, crafts, ipods, etc)
Provide a mini buffet table with finger/favorite foods
  Set-up a "build your own" dessert table

In Hawaii, if you don't allow children at your event it's considered to be "rude". However, in general; each couple sets their own rules when it comes to allowing children at their event.

Consider this! If kids are not your forte than a destination wedding may be the perfect solution to avoid unnecessary conflict.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chocolate Weddings!


A morsel of chocolate is a unique and totally sensuous treat that makes for a great item to incorporate into your wedding as a favor or dessert.  As favors, they will likely be devoured before your meal is even served but who wouldn’t want the combination of true love and chocolate on their wedding day?
Perhaps the most dramatic of chocolate wedding incorporations is the chocolate wedding fountain.   This three tiered, aromatic structure invites guests to grab a utensil and choose from an array of chocolate friendly items to dip with.  From fresh strawberries to Oreos, the possibilities are endless. 
Don’t be surprised if you find your guests gathering around the dessert table looking for extras.  And if you find yourself feeling guilty for serving this devilishly delicious dessert, just tell yourself, “It’s a vegetable, how bad can it be?”  No really! Chocolate is derived from a cocoa bean and we all know a bean is a vegetable, need I say more?
Other ways to incorporate chocolate…
Custom chocolate bars with your initials (as favors), chocolate truffle centerpieces, chocolate dessert bar, hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate shells, chocolate martinis, chocolate sculptures and more…
Chocolate, in all its forms not only melts in your mouth but also in your hearts. 
Article by: Sarah A.K. Makua
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Five ways to customize your wedding...

Be Original

Worried that your wedding is going to look like a Martha Stewart catalog? Think again! Here are five easy ways that you can customize your wedding.

Add a Little Color
With all the colors of the rainbow to choose from why not use your favorites to create an individual style for your wedding. For example; colored chair sashes with matching table linens provide originality and excitement.
Custom lighting can flawlessly blend into your ceremony and reception. Choose from colored up-lights, twinkle lights, crystal Chandeliers, spot lights, candle lights, submersible lights, torches and more. Lighting always sets the mood so choose something spectacular and you wont regret it.

Special Entertainment
Provide music authentic to the location in which you are getting married. For example: A Polynesian trio with a hula dancer would be a specific type of entertainment unique to Hawaii. Hiring a celebrity to play for a few hours is another way to make your wedding stand out while grooving to the music.

These don't always have to be made with flowers. take your location under consideration when choosing your centerpieces. Depending on your location you can customize your centerpieces to include taper candles, lamps, picture frames, sculptures, hanging displays or anything your heart desires. Your guests will be looking at your masterpieces throughout the evening so make them extraordinary.

Start a trend
Trends are great to start and when you get your guests involved it's even better. Create a way to capture your loved ones wishes and then display them during your ceremony or reception. For example; if you are setting up an arch for your outdoor ceremony you might want to have a table set-up with a display of ribbons attached to a flower pick. Guests take a flower pick and write a special wish for the bride & groom and then stick it in the arch to flutter in the breeze while the couple says "I do".

These are only a few simple ways to customize your wedding without breaking the bank or doing what everyone else has done, time and time again. Follow us on www.twitter.com/FCWeddings for more original wedding ideas.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paris vs. Hawaii from Frenchy in Hawaii

Bonjour Ladies!

FCWeddings French intern here... 

To Whom It May Concern: I’ve been in Hawaii for more than a month now and have experienced what is like to get married in Maui and everything is amazing here, landscapes, beaches, people, food… E-VE-RY-TH-ING !  

Sure I know that Paris is the most romantic city of the world but what about replacing the fake, Paris-Beach with an authentic beach in Hawaii ? Being from France myself and knowing first hand the diffĂ©rence between the two, I can no longer imagine getting married anywhere else. The beautiful sunsets and gorgeous resorts make it all the more magical.  

Sounds great, doesn’t it ? 

Still not convinced ? Let’s see what could be the problem…

The Distance?
Travelling from France took me 30 hours by plane but hell, this a Small price to pay to to get married in  paradise .  A wedding is already an adventure so why not make it the best adventure of your life ? Don’t let the thought of a long travel stop you !

The cost?
Sure, weddings can cost a lot, even Destination Weddings. But what do you prefer? A gigantic home wedding with 200 people (some of which you don’t even know), or a more intimate destination wedding with your closest family and friends? It’s really up to you, but for me, it’s a no brainer. I’d go to Hawaii and make my wedding day, the most unique day in every way possible.

Working here at First Class Weddings it has made me see the value of a wedding planner and all that they can do for you. My advice is to hire a wedding planner that already knows all those things, their package will make you save some money and the planning will already be done when you arrive on the Island :) 

You live only once so…do everything possible to make your wedding dream come true.

A bientĂ´t!
Emi -  A French Intern in Hawaii
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bride Gone BAD!

Innocent Bride or Bitchy Bride - You decide!

What is the deal? Isn't this supposed to be the happiest day of your life? So, why you being such a bitch? Let's explore the possible reasons. You can't stand your soon to be in-laws, nothing is going as planned, everything is costing you more than you thought, and all you want is for everything to be perfect.

When you think about it, do any of these things really matter?

Take our "BITCHY BRIDE" Quiz:

Are you frowning more than smiling?
Are you ever bossy?
Do you find yourself making demands and giving orders?
Do you have a lot of reasons to complain?
Have you ever gotten angry at your fiance for not being a mind reader?
Are you having a hard time making up your mind?

If you answered "yes" to 3 of these questions then you are definitely being a bitchy bride. If you answered "yes" to all of these questions then you are officially on your way to a full-on bridal meltdown (grooms beware).

Bridal Meltdown Remedy's:

A spa day with the girls
Plan a fun activity with your friends that has nothing to do with weddings
Find some alone time to re-connect with your fiance
 Practice gratitude, patience & understanding
Pour a glass of wine and work in the garden

If none of these remedy's work then we suggest that you re-evaluate why your getting married in the first place. For love? or the opportunity to outdo your friends? Here's hoping that it's for love! We miss out on too many things in life, don't let your wedding day be one of them. Just stop, smell the roses, and trust that everything will happen just the way it's supposed to. 

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The DIY Perspective!


Come on girls, let's talk about this. I don't know about you but I can't emboss a candlestick without it looking like my dog got a hold of it. Besides that, who really has the time? We've got to be realistic here and admit that we all need a little help every once in a while. Especially on our wedding day.

DIY fact: The state of our economy has produced tons of DIY wedding "projects with tutorials" and "photos with instructions", for the bride who has an endless amount of time on their hands, all for the sake of saving a few dollars.

The reality of DIY is that...
  • DIY means "home made"
  • DIY means "you have extra time"
  • DIY means "crafty wedding"
  • DIY means "budget bride"
Now, we are not saying that we don't want you to save money. We are saying that there is a visually apparant difference between DIY and hiring an expert to help you. So, choose your projects wisely girls! No matter how you slice it, there is a level of quality that comes with outsourcing your wedding products and services that you can't always achieve on your own.

Whatever you decide, remember that your wedding day is unlike any other day. It is an important time in ones life that warrants the best unlike your typical everyday affair.  Do yourself a favor and consider hiring an expert before you choose to jump on the "DIY train!" 

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Colorful Cocktails for your wedding...mmmmm mmm

Cocktail anyone?

Here in Hawaii not only do we have the freshest food, we also have the freshest drinks. Ever consider skipping the Champagne toast for a completely unique cocktail experience? From Mai Tais that come in a whole pineapples to to Mango Margaritas here are a few alternatives to the traditional Champagne toast.

Pink Squirrel
1 oz creme de wayoux
1 oz White creme de cacao
1 tbsp of light cream

Passion Mimosa
2 oz chilled passion fruit juice

Kiss on the Lips
1 oz peach schnapps
4 oz frozen mango mix
1 tbsp grenadine syrup

Yummmmy! There are literally thousands of colorful cocktails to choose from so start sampling girls. Once the perfect cocktail is found come up with a fun way to serve them to your guests (instead of the traditional Champagne toast). This not only is an opportunity to customize your event, it creates a more personalized experience for your loved ones.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sexy Honeymoon Board Games

With all the hype about the wedding day nuptials, you’d think that we forgotten about the honeymoon?  Not a chance! These sexy board game ideas will give you a new meaning to the word “honey & moon”. Check it out!
Naked Twister - Dare to be Bare and let it all hang out?  The basic rules of Twister are simple.  Someone spins the spinner, and then places the selected body part on the designated color.  Any player that touches the mat with an elbow or knee or falls to the mat is disqualified.  The last person still on the mat wins. Now, imagine playing naked with a few little amenities nearby. Definitely worth trying!
Strip Scrabble- Just about everyone has heard of strip poker so why not strip scrabble?  Yes, it is quite possibly the nerdiest way to get naked but games that involve losing your clothes do not have to be limited to card games.  And when you think about, the possibilities are endless!
Monopoly and Mimosas- This game is a morning game, to be played during or after breakfast. Here are the “new” rules. You must finish your mimosa before you make it around the board. Every time you land on your partner’s property you have to give up a piece of clothing, and finally the first person to go to jail can only get out by negotiating sexual favors (wash my hair, bath me, breakfast in bed etc.).
Lingerie Candy-Land Fondue Party – You’re probably thinking out loud “what the hell is that?” which is a perfectly normal response. This game is definitely for the couple that likes to dress up in Lingerie. Add your favorite Fondue (feel free to feed each other), then add a game of Candy Land and there you have it. A board game feast for two! This one will definitely go down in the history books.
Come on couples, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and spice up your honeymoon with some good old fashion fun! And no cheating!
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Resort Wedding Planner vs. Independent Wedding Planner


What's the difference between hiring a wedding planner at a resort OR hiring an independent wedding planner? Believe it or not this question get's asked a lot. So let's cut to the chase and give you the scoop!

A WEDDING PLANNER AT A RESORT caters only to the resort. This is where their loyalty lies first and foremost.  It is likely that your planner will have daily staff meetings, corporate groups and many more tasks required of them in addition to planning your event.

A wedding planner at a resort has a pre-set sales quota to meet. This means that their salary and bonuses are dependent on what they sell you. The amount of revenue they bring in also defines their position within the corporation making them extremely driven to sell, sell, sell! 

All of this is not to say that a resort planner should be avoided, just that you (as a potential client) are aware of the differences between a resort wedding planner and an independent wedding planner.

An INDEPENDENT WEDDING PLANNER exclusively caters to their clients. Independent wedding planners are not governed by the corporate world and therefore can openly discuss & secure products, services and venues available to you beyond what resort planners can offer.

Independent wedding planners are not driven by someone telling them that their sales matter more than the client. An excellent independent wedding planner works much harder for you in order to keep up with the worlds perception of value of a resort wedding planner. This means that an independent planner can give you just as much if not more for your money.

In the end what matters most is what the clients really want, and this is an important decision that only they can decide. No matter what the pros and cons, the reality is that some clients are better fitted for a resort wedding planner and some are better matched with an independent wedding planner. Which is best for you?

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun With Desserts

ooo la la.....

Ever get that mouth watering sensation when looking for something "sweet to eat"? Look no further! Aloha Events Catering in Maui, Hawaii has the perfect solution. A Lava Lava cake topped with a Chocolate dipped Kula Strawberry rolled in Hawaiian Coconut? mmmmmm, yummmmy. Let me at it!

This unique idea is only a small sample of what this company is capable of. When it comes to catering weddings & events in Hawaii they are simply DIVINE! Stay tuned as we launch a feature on Aloha Events Catering.

A little cake history... Long before the Roman Empire, the wedding cakes tradition was to break a cake over the brides head. This act symbolized the breaking of the woman's virginity,  publicly showing the man's dominance over the bride. Thankfully this tradition has adapted with the times. This means that you don't "have to have a wedding cake for dessert". These days, modern wedding receptions have been known to provide a simple dessert display (along with some cake) instead of just making everyone "eat it"!

Ask yourself this question... is cake my most favorite dessert? If not, you may want to consider providing an alternative option for your guests and a custom dessert display may be a perfect fit!

Check out Aloha Events Catering at www.alohaeventscatering.com and become a facebook fan at www.facebok.com/firstclassweddings  ...we love our fans!