Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Feet!

Be Kind to Your Feet!

What's a Bride to do? There a literally thousands of shoes to pick from. This year, brides are choosing to wear a hot red stilettos under their wedding dress. What doesn't always get communicated about these types of shoes is "the inevitable pain" that will be endured after wearing them for long periods of time and believe me girls, you will be wearing your wedding shoes for much longer than you think!

Over the years, First Class Weddings has seen the after effects of what "certain shoes" can do to a brides feet. It is our hope to bring awareness to this under communicated topic so that brides are well informed prior to paying top dollar for a wedding day shoe that they may end up throwing off the balcony at the end of the night.

The first thing you have to decide is what is more important? "Looks" or "Comfort"? What ever you decide, check out these "must know" tips to help select the right shoe for you. By following these simple suggestions, your shoes will allow you to dance the night away, leaving you floating on a cloud until the wee hours of the morning.

Wedding Shoe Shopping Tips:
  1. Stilettos will sink their heels in any terrain (other than a paved one) so take your wedding venue under consideration when selecting your shoes.
  2. Gel insoles do not work with stilettos!
  3. The chunkier the heal, the longer you can wear them!
  4. Strappy shoes need to be broken in - prior to your wedding day!
  5. Try to stay away from buckles!
  6. Barefoot brides are very attractive to Grooms!
Shoes for thought...Unless you are specifically having your photographer take shoe pictures... Who really sees your shoes anyway? And, how many people remember what shoes the bride was wearing? Great questions to ask yourself before you start your shopping adventure. We only have one pair of feet so so choose wisely ladies and "happy shopping".

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Appreciate Your Vendors

Quality vendors can make a difference between a good experience and a bad experience. Imagine if you had to bake and decorate your own wedding cake, deliver it, set it up, and then remove it afterwards. I don’t know about you, but, I can’t remember when the last time it was that I baked a 3-tier cake much less drove it several miles, and then meticulously set it up; all without having a cake catastrophe!

Some vendors perform their tasks flawlessly, giving each client more than what they paid for whether it be setting up your chairs or decorating your venue.

So let’s face it boys and girls, great vendors are worth every penny and more. Be grateful and show your gratitude with more than just a handshake. Not only for the exemplary work they do, but also for the joyful contribution they give over and above the call of duty.

“Thank you to all the great vendors of the world, for making our clients wedding day one of the most memorable days of their life”.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Save the Gown!

Wedding Gown Preservation 

Is there really a wedding gown preservation company that is conscientious of protecting the environment? Believe it or not, YES, there is.  The “Wedding Gown Preservation Company” is recognized as a national expert in wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

The preservation of a gown occurs when a company such as the “Wedding Gown Preservation Company,” takes a gown and cleans it and/or preserves it so that it can be handed down to future generations. 

State of the art equipment is used to clean and preserve wedding gowns otherwise known as Hydro-carbon machines. These machines are the latest technology on the market and are highly efficient.  Hydro-carbon machines are proven to be the most environmentally friendly machines available to us today.  

Furthermore, the “Wedding Gown Preservation Company” just completed their testing of a new eco friendly “Soy based Stain Remover.”  This new product has been approved for use in the wedding dress preservation process and is known for being very safe for our environment. It’s also safe for the user, and the wearer of the garment as well.   

Believe it or not, 98% of the waste created by the wedding gown cleaning process is recycled. How awesome is that!  

Continually striving to provide outstanding service, the “Wedding Gown Preservation Company’s” philosophy “ to make a minimum carbon footprint on the planet” has been the driving factor in their strive for excellence within the Wedding Industry.  

Look for announcements on the launch of their newly remodeled web site! In the mean time, for more information and further inquiries on how you can safely preserve your wedding gown, we invite you to visit their current site at www.affordablepresrevation.com and www.affordablepreservation.com/wedding_dress_preservation.html 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hawaiian Food options


What many people love most about Hawaii (besides our pristine white sand beaches and breathtaking views) is the food.  Not only can you easily get locally caught fish, there is an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables available to you all year around.
With all of the amazing food that is naturally offered, you’d never know that Hawaii has some of the most unique local cuisines. These dishes are definitely more casual than the “fancy feasts” yet if you are looking for a different food creation to serve to your non-picky eaters then you might want to think about incorporating a few of these authentic Hawaiian entrees at your wedding reception.
Hawaiian Food Options:
Chicken Long Rice: A staple in Hawaiian Luau’s, this simple dish consists of rice noodles, chicken, soy sauce, sesame oil, vegetable oil, Hawaiian salt, ginger, chicken broth, garlic and green onions. 
Kalua Pig:  Here the pig is traditionally cooked in an imu or what is known as an underground oven.  Wrapped in vegetation the pig is slowly cooked for a number of hours until the pig has been thoroughly steamed (until it easily falls off the bone).  
Lomi Salmon: This dish is most easily described as a fresh tomato and salmon salad dressed with yellow onions, green onions and Hawaiian sea salt.
Poi: Made from the taro plant, poi was considered to be a highly sacred part of daily Hawaiian life.  The root is mixed with water until the desired consistency is reached, this dish has a paste-like texture with a deep native flavor.
Haupia: Technically considered a gelled pudding, this traditional desert is made from fresh coconut milk, sugar, water & cornstarch and is typically served in bite size blocks.
These are just a few of the flavorful island dishes available to you. You’ll never know how delicious each and every one of these dishes are until you try them.  So select a good caterer, pull up a chair, pick your utensil of choice and…help yourself!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Planet Saving Tips for an Eco Wedding!

Go Green!  It sounds like we’re cheering for a college football team.  But no, instead we are promoting eco friendly weddings to help our environment, and in some cases help your pocket book.  Consider this; a simple destination wedding can actually have less of an impact on the environment then a large lavish wedding at home. 
Eco friendly weddings are possible no matter where you plan on getting married, however, when planning a destination green wedding, you have to think “compromise!”  No matter how hard you try, not everything can be eco-friendly.  However, with these easy tips you can do your part to help preserve our environment.
Eliminate Paper Products wherever & whenever possible!  Send out your save the date cards, invitations and programs via special emails or e-vites.  Also, allow free seating which eliminates the need for place cards and you can have one menu card displayed in the center of the reception table instead of providing individual menu cards at each place setting.

Select an outdoor setting that is naturally beautiful, eliminating the need for lavish d├ęcor and decorations.

Select attire that your bridal party can wear in the future! Your bridesmaids will love you…

Rent as many items as possible! All rental items used at your wedding will be reused for other weddings and events.

Make it mandatory that your caterer’s uses recycle bins!  Liquor bottles, juice cans, water bottles and more can all be recycled to cut down on waste.

Use live plants, trees or succulents for centerpieces.  Guests can take these centerpieces home to plant them or you can donate your centerpieces to a non-profit organization nearby.
Car-pooling is a must! Otherwise, group transportation is the best alternative.

Offer a list of non-profit organizations that your guests can donate to in your name.  Shop for items that promote healthy living such as organic linens, solar system, his & her bikes, vita mixer, a private yoga session or an eco-friendly retreat. 
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guess what body part this is!


There is a certain spot that I crave to be touched. What might this spot be you ask? Well, it rides high on my body and is vulnerable to the cold. It tickles when you touch it. Feels absolutely delightful when you rub it. You can tug on it and even bite it just a little bit. I won't complain, I won't say, "no, stop" because I crave to be touched in this certain spot.

It holds a somewhat circular structure depending on the body from which it protrudes.  Male or female, it tends to vary in size, shape and color. Some are big. Some are small. Some are stiff. And some are soft. As crazy as it sounds, I imagine that there are some people in the world that don't care to be touched in this particular spot. So call me crazy, but I love to be stroked, rubbed and touched on my ear.

From top to bottom you can rub me all day long. I won't complain. I won't say, "no, stop" because I crave to be touched in this certain spot.

To all the lovers of the world, male, female and everything in between. Make your next sexual experience one of exciting discovery by exploring this relatively unknown erogenous zone. I guarantee (from personal experience) that neither you nor your partner will be even slightly disappointed. With the right stimulation, anything is possible.

by Sarah A.K. Makua

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Guest, Bad Guest. You decide!

GOOD Guest - BAD Guest

Bad to the bone or good to go? Let's talk about it. First of all, does anyone know of a book that has wedding guest etiquette in it?  I don't!  For what ever reason, this subject has been completely overlooked for as long as I can remember.

Isn't there a formal system for placing silverware.  Like, work from the outside in, point the knife blade away from the seated guest, and so on and so forth. As painful as it may be, there are some cultures that judge you on your ability to demonstrate "acceptable" behavior in formal situations.

Good manners & proper etiquette go hand in hand like a flame to a candle.  So, doesn't it make sense to have a code of conduct or rather a "guest etiquette" booklet no matter what the occasion?  For a brief look on this typically overlooked topic, here are the top three "Do's and Dont's" specific to a wedding guest (that means to do well), yet just can't seem to get with the program!
Arrive on time! Not only out of respect but it will also save the couple money by preventing overtime charges for vendors that are waiting on you to begin
Help other guests whenever possible!

Take a picture over the photographers shoulder!
Peek over fences, jump over walls, or trespass to see the venue without prior permission
Don't micromanage the wedding! - brides, you to! Just relax and enjoy this special day. 

  • Never wear red to an American wedding unless you want to steal attention away from the bride
  • Remember that private venue's are just that "private"
  • Respect the photographer and/or videographer's work! It's not cool to follow these professionals around taking photos of the poses, scenes, and shots that they've already set up., . It's actually a big "No No".  
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is how much you're going to spend and you won't belive it!

Congratulations! Now that you’re engaged, you and your partner are about to begin one of the most exciting – and hectic – times of your life. No doubt you’ve been asking yourself, “Where do I begin and how much is it all going to cost"?

It's likely that you have figured out that the details to any wedding & reception are endless! And believe it or not, couples almost always spend more then what they ever think they're going to spend.

Reality check! Even in the current market, a $20,000 budget will get you only a handful of service items. Reason being is because your 3 biggest expenses (venue, photography, & F&B) can cost you up to $15k alone (estimated on approx. 40 guests). I mean just think about it! Any quality photographer is going to cost you at least 5,000 at the end of the day. Then, your food and drink can easily cost $125 per person (which is another $5,000), and finally your venue fees can cost up to $5,000. There you have it! 3 lonely items and you've already spent $15k. We haven't even paid the wedding planner, got your dress, minister, musician, flowers, decor, chairs, etc...?

Whew! I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it. 

When it comes to budgeting for your wedding, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to "be realistic". I know that there are several other resources out there that are eager to gain your business by telling you what you want to hear and that's cool. And you can choose to listen to them. Just don't cry about it when someone promises you certain prices and then it all ends up costing you way more.

Fact! A First Class Hawaii Wedding client on average, spends anywhere from $250 TO $600 per person (all inclusive) for a wedding & reception at a private estate in Hawaii. The only way to get that price down is to select a more economically priced venue, photographer, and caterer. Oh, and let's not forget about your wedding planner.

FYI: On average, a modern destination wedding (for a group of 40 guests) will end up costing more than $20k. In the "wedding world" this amount is a small price to pay for ensuring that your destination dream wedding is a huge success.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Runaway Groom!


With all this chitter-chatter about the "bridezilla's", the "groom" almost always, get's overlooked. Believe it or not, there are many grooms that have been known to have the pre-wedding jitters. Some choose to relax themselves with a few brewskees yet there are others that don't and both personalities have been known to let the jitters get the best of them. As an alternative to the typical remedies, here are some "Healthy Suggestions" for anyone who might have a "Runaway Groom" on their hands.

Talk to a happily Married Bro!
We all know men are notorious for keeping a "zipped lip" when it comes to their emotions, but for once guys, "open up and talk to your bro"! A positive influence can go a long way at a time like this.

Be Realistic!
Ok grooms, you might want to ask yourselves; "do you love and accept this woman for who she really is"? Or,” is marriage what you really want"? Finally: "What are you so worried about anyways?" Let's be realistic!

Deep Breathing
Practice your breath!  Deep breathing is known to calm the nervous system, increase blood flow, give you energy, and keep you focused. If you've already learned how to do this then great!  Keep breathing! However, if you have yet to learn that art of "Deep Breathing," FCW highly recommends that you start now.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The top 3 Hawaiian islands to get married on are...



Of these, the top 3 Hawaiian islands to consider for your dream destination wedding are Maui, Kauai, and Lanai. Wedding bliss is a must when marrying on one of these three islands and they have specifically been selected by FCW for their unequaled beauty as well as their distinct offerings.

The island of Maui is the 3rd largest of all the Hawaiian islands and it offers a little bit of everything. You can choose to lay on one of the longest white sand beaches or grab the girls and go shopping. You can learn how to surf, or experience a high rise adventure called zip-lining. Get married at the bottom of a waterfall, under the ocean, or in a quaint Hawaiian Church. On Maui, you will have several of the amenities of home, and more. From rest and relaxation, to the local night life, you and your guests can choose whatever their heart desires because it is all there waiting for the curious of heart.

Kauai is most famous for their magnificent cliff settings as seen in "Jurassic Park". This island is more remote than Maui which allows for the perfect opportunity to have your wedding and honeymoon all in one beautiful island oasis. There are not as many typical activities to be had nor is there all the amenities from home. However, this island hosts some of the most stunning beach settings in the world. Wedding locations are in abundance, yet be prepared to "not" want to go home as the island life becomes somewhat of an addiction.

This sweet little island offers you 5 options to stay, in which two are world-class resorts and one is camping on the legendary Pu'u Pehe beach, where you can swim with the dolphins or lay on a lounger under a beach umbrella with service staff nearby. Choose from a misty forest setting, a fragrant Plumeria garden or a totally remote & pristine beach. For activities you can try Lawn Bowling, Horseback Riding, 4-wheeling, or working on your putting skills at a million dollar mini golf course. FCW feels this island should instead be called the "Luxury Isle" as every aspect of it literally takes your breath away.

From the freshest fruit, fish and veggies; each of these three islands offer immaculate beaches, some of the worlds finest resorts, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience heaven on earth.

For more detailed information on these islands check out "The Best of Hawaii Wedding Book" at www.hawaiiweddingbook.com or order it on www.amazon.com

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Genius Wedding Gifts...Things that make you go "hmmm"


The coffeemakers, the candle stick, the gravy boat, all have been way over done! Come on people, be original!  Nowadays modern couples desire more meaningful gifts rather than your typical household item. Here are some creative ideas to get you going.

Tantric Sex Book
For the couple that can’t keep their hands off of each other why not give them something new to try. Books like these offer sexy date night activities with individually sealed instructions. Each secret seduction is to be opened by one partner at a time; taking turns as often as you wish. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

A Garden Starter Kit
Provided your couple is eco friendly, what better way to show them the power of nurturing and caring for each other than by giving them a garden starter kit full of garden pots, plants & accessories. New plants symbolize the beginning of a new marriage and are a great couple project! In three months time when their roses are blooming, they will thank you and so will Mother Earth.

A Couples Spa Package or Massage
For the health conscience couples that love to be pampered, give them an opportunity to rest and relax and truly enjoy being together as husband and wife. It’s good for the mind, good for the body and great for the soul!

Donate to a Non-Profit in the Couples Name
For the couple that already has everything and are philanthropists at heart this type of gift will support cause the couple is passionate about while providing them with a write off at the end of the year. 

Tickets to Ballet, Theatre, Concert or Show
 Couples that enjoy a night on the town would truly appreciate this gift. It's another great couple activity that allows an opportunity for further connection that is outside of work and home. If you want to give an experience that goes much further than a tangible item, check out your local event calendar and start thinking about how you're going to wrap those tickets.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Spot a Wedding Crasher


You might want to keep a watchful eye for any guests that are shamelessly eating your hundred dollar lobster and drinking from your custom bar. Or how about a guest that makes an awkward speech and ends it by saying "Congratulations to a life of imprisonment"? All the while everyone is wondering, "who the hell is that?!?".

If you have a guest that doesn't appear to have close ties to anyone then maybe they've come just to crash your party. That my friends, is what we call "The Wedding Crasher". In Hawaii, wedding crashers show up in surf shorts and sand covered feet. They start dancing to the wrong beat as they go straight for the booze. Unfortunately this may end up in a call to the police. But just think, you'll have one hell of a story to tell!

Oh, and don't forget the ever obvious X girlfriend or boyfriend that has had a few drinks and has either come to pledge their undying love for you or is on a mission from hell. It is in situations like this where the best man comes in handy. That's right best men! You do have a job, you just didn't know it.

Tips to keep crashers out of the party: Hire Security and provide them with a guest list. Hire a wedding planner that keeps a head count. Select a private reception location that can be closed off. Or, keep the party small enough to spot any intruders.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guess what this bouquet costs!

 Medium French Bouquet

This bouquet consists of approx. 15 Green Cymbidium Orchids, 15-20 special order mini Calla Lily (in orange/yellow), and greenery. If you were to guess what the price of this bouquet was, what would it be? $100? or $200? or $300?  If you guessed $200 then you'd be close. This bouquet cost a recent Hawaii wedding client $255, which is (believe it or not) the going price of a custom medium french bouquet in today's destination wedding market. Tack on an extra $50 flower delivery fee and you're on your way down the isle.

Many brides are under the misconception that something like the above bouquet is cheaper than what it really is. You have to keep in mind that this particular bouquet is a custom order. If the bride had selected more "standard" flowers such as roses instead, then the cost of this bouquet would be about $185 or less.

There are many variables to consider when ordering your flowers such as size, shape, style, and particular flowers. If you are in the beginning stages of the planning process and are trying to put together a budget, FCW recommends that you allow at least $200 for your bouquet. Of course, if you are a girl that oozes "custom", then you will have to adjust your budget accordingly.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Stay calm girls!

Enjoy Life!
The Minister is late, my bouquet is a different color than I expected, and I just realized I have a stain on my dress. To top it off, I'm already freaking out about spending the rest of my life with someone. What's a girl to do?

What seems to help most brides is a simple minds choice to "lighten up", have a glass of Champagne or beverage of choice, and don't forget to eat! Having a bowl of fresh strawberries or something to nibble on throughout the day makes the difference between a happy bride or a bitchy bride.

The day already goes by fast enough, don't be one of those brides that wastes time sweating the small stuff. Surround yourself with the people you love, smile often, breathe deeply, and I guarantee that when it's all said and done, you will be riding on the best high of your life for days after.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to choose a wedding planner!

If you already know that you are going to hire a wedding consultant yet are wondering how to choose a reputable company to help you, then this article is a "must read"!

10 "Must Ask" Interviewing Questions: 
Do you have terms & conditions or a contract that I can look at?
Do you have a mission and philosophy statement? Can I see a copy?
What do your fees include?
What set's you apart from other planners?
Do you have references?
How long have you been in business?
Do you carry liability insurance?
What specific wedding locations do you use?
Where did you receive your training?
What is your process and how do I hire you?

These are only some of the questions that you should ask when getting ready to hire a wedding consultant. During your interview it is very helpful if you tap into your gut. Try and feel for a true connection with not only the person you're speaking with but the organization that you are considering. Especially since, it's the company that is ultimately responsible for the services that you will receive, not the wedding planners themselves.

Your wedding day is no ordinary day. It is one of the most memorable days of your life. So choose wisely and make sure that the company you are spending your dollars with is someone you can totally trust.

STAY TUNED: FCW is geting ready to launch it's pre-qualified directory of wedding products & services and this will be a huge step towards finding out who really warrants your time, and your money. Just think, "finally", an exclusive directory that warrants your trust! 

Trust/honesty/integrity, 3 things that make an exceptional wedding planner.  

Stay tuned for more on this subject!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Art of Painting Flowers


In many ways, flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful works of art.  From vibrant red roses to the ever delicate tulip, for centuries, flowers have been and continue to be an intimate symbol used to speak the language of love.

When you are getting married there are an abundance of flowers to choose from. It's best not to be too picky about the shade of color though. Why? Because there are a number of factors that can contribute to the exact color of a flower.  

Such as: 
The type of climate it is grown in: The type of fertilizer used on it: The type of soil it grows in: The water specific to the area it is grown in.

All of the above are important factors when determining the outcome of your flowers color. So if anyone promises you the coral colored bouquet that you have always dreamed of, what they are really promising you is that if on the day of your wedding, if there are no coral roses available, they will find the closest variation and paint them coral just for you!  Do not fret, for this is a much more common practice than you think.
Believe it or not just like flowers, floral paint has been around for generations. So if you're picky about getting a particular shade of a blue flower, ask your florist or planner about Floral Paint. It's one  solution to getting the exact shade of blue that you're looking for. Otherwise, you may want to consider going with the flow and being happy with whatever shade of "blue" you receive.

TIP: Most brides today believe that they have to spend hours selecting the perfect flowers first. To make things easier FCW suggests that you choose your colors first and your flowers second. This will allow you to choose from a variety of flowers within your color theme and by doing so, it will save you tons of time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monique Lhuillier: A First Class Wedding Fashionista

Dress by Monique Lhuillier

A bride’s elegance comes not so much from what she wears but rather the unmistakable aura that surrounds her on her special day.  Believe it or not the traditional white wedding dress, that has become a focal point for the modern day wedding, is really a custom that has only been around for a few hundred years.  In 1840, Queen Victoria married and put the wheels in motion by marrying in white, something that was mostly unheard of at the time with many brides marrying in gowns that varied in color.  Since this historical moment in time, white was set as the color of choice for weddings and has continued to be the dominant color selection for wedding gowns. 
Monique Lhuillier has put a new twist on the modern bride with her ready to wear & custom designs. She offers a First-Class Service and has serviced many celebrity clientele. This girl definitely warrants your time and attention! Check her out at http://www.moniquelhuillier.com
Article By: Sarah A.K. Makua
Photography By: Callawaygable

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hawaii Luxury Event Furnishings & Decor


How many rental companies do you know of that will move their schedule around during an already hectic week, pull inventory and set up a showroom for a client on a days notice? To top it off, they spend hours consulting joyfully with the client on their endless options, all at no additional charge. On the back side of things, this company goes on-site to meticulously set up your rentals. This includes steaming, pressing, and putting the final touches on their work. It's like little angels are flying around the event, sprinkling magic decor dust all over the place! Then when it's all done, they come back and clean it all up. What more could you ask for?

 Custom tables, rod-iron chairs, the finest tablecloths, signature china, one-of-a-kind lounging areas etc. These are only small portion of the items that Pacific Event Group on the island of Maui is capable of providing it's clients. 

A First Class Wedding & event planning company is constantly amazed at how passionate Pacific Event Group is about their work and the island of Maui is lucky to have such a high caliber business at their fingertips.

For more information, pictures, prices etc. we invite you to visit their web site at www.pacificeventgroup.com .

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sexy Beach or Breath taking Waterfall?

What kind of ceremony location will you choose?

If you close your eyes and dream about your wedding, what do you see? 
  • A beach
  • A waterfall
  • A garden
  • A church
  • A private estate
  • A luxury resort
  • A remote location
If you are reading this article and already know which of the above options is for you, we would have to say "well done"! Now all you have to do is decide if you want to start searching in your home area, or in a destination location.

If you don't know which of the above options is for you then we would highly recommend spending some quality time with your partner. Not only to discuss your desires but to ultimately make a final decision on what atmosphere you want to surround yourself with for your wedding.

Keep in mind that your ceremony location and your reception location Do Not have to be in the same setting! Often times couples choose two locations for their event with much ease.

A final question to ask yourselves is, "which of the above locations would truly represent who you are as a couple"? Your ceremony is an exclusive moment in time in which your surroundings set the tone for the beginning of the rest of your life. So choose carefully!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 must ask interviewing questions

Ask the right questions!

With all the web clutter out there it is extremely important to pick up the phone and start interviewing potential businesses. This can reveal a lot about a company before you actually hire them. It also allows you an opportunity to see who you connect with, who is truly listening, and who has the qualifications necessary to service your event.

When A First Class Wedding event planning company receives an inquiry phone call it is certain that the topic of conversation is more about the wedding location vs. what their credentials are. Isn't this funny? I mean think about it. A bride calls a wedding planning company that they haven't hired to discuss wedding locations as if that topic is the deciding factor on whether or not to hire them. We have to ask, at what point did the topic of a wedding location become more important then asking the wedding planning company what services they provide?

If you are searching for the best company to service your event it is important to stay focused so that the Important questions don't get overlooked. When interviewing wedding planners, wedding photographers, florists, caterers etc. here are 5 must ask questions.

  1. How long have you been in business? The longer a company has been in business, the more experience they have.
  2. Do you have a contract or terms & conditions that I can look at? All reputable companies will have one or both of these items and it is important that you review them prior to hiring them.
  3. Do you carry liability insurance? This is important because it not only protects you, it protects the company. Businesses that carry this type of insurance also have the ability work with more exclusive locations.
  4. Do you have references? Getting a list of references allows you to connect with people that have already been serviced by the company you are considering.
  5. What set's you apart from everyone else? Knowing how a potential service provider feels about their work needs to be in alignment with your own expectations.
Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. It's easy to get caught up in all the details of your special day like the best locations, where you should stay, the weather etc. yet truly learning about the company you are hiring first & foremost is a crucial first step. So, stay focused and look for a company with good communication skills when conducting your interviews. By asking the right questions you will allow yourself a significant opportunity to secure the highest quality professionals which will set the tone and pave the way for the ultimate wedding day experience.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Business of Love...check this out!

Be careful whom you marry.

Traditional expectations of how a relationship "should be" are becoming a thing of the past.

FCW loves the article written by Shara Enay - found at http://www.hawaiibusiness.com/Hawaii-Business/February-2010/The-Business-of-Love/

Monday, May 3, 2010

A new wedding book by Nora Roberts

 Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts...

 This is the third novel in Nora's Bride Quartet and can be purchased for about $16 US dollars.

FCW loves Nora's books so if you know somebody wanting to get married and loves to read, this is by far the best series to pick up. A must read for any dreamer!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Menu Cards add personality & style

Menu cards add personality and style to your reception table. 

This menu card is tucked in the front pocket of a carefully folded napkin and then placed in the center of a charger. Hotels & Resorts are famous for adding little details such as this to enhance the overall look and feel of your reception. However if you have a creative eye you can design them yourself, or; you can find a trustworthy professional to get them from.

If "DIY" isn't an option for you, Ceci New York can create custom designs specifically tailored to your event, or you can mix and match designs and color themes from their most popular selections so if your looking for save-the-date cards, invitations, programs, place cards, menu cards, gift tags, announcements and more, check out Cici New York!

Check out their web site at http://www.cecinewyork.com/readytoorder.php This company is truly amazing!

* DIY = Do it yourself