FCW Seal

The "Mark" to look for...

First Class Weddings will soon be providing consumers with an exclusive list of qualified products and services. Not everyone on the list will carry the seal that you see above. Those that do carry the First Class Seal have gone through and passed a pre-qualification process. First Class Weddings guarantees the products and services that carry the FC Seal. They are the best of the best in their specific industry and warrant having your trust. If you really want to know "who's who" in the wedding industry then look for the FC Seal.

Here are a list of qualifications that businesses need to meet in order to qualify.
  1. EIN or Social Security Number as proof of their valid legal entity
  2. Copy of their liability insurance (they must carry at least one million dollar policy)
  3. A copy of valid terms and conditions or store policy that includes their cancellation policy
  4. Three valid customer references including their name, address and contact information
  5. A photograph of product or services (or self portrait)
  6. A copy of companies mission and philosophy statement
In addition to the qualifications set forth above the First Class Weddings administration researches each product and service that applies for the Seal.This is done on an annual basis.

Having nearly two decades of commercial event planning experience in the luxury market provides us with our foundation to clear through the web clutter and provide transparency within the industry. This is something that never has been done before and is long overdue. FCW is excited to finally provide this opportunity to consumers today.

For more information please feel free to contact us at info@firstclassweddings.com