Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beach Permit Revision

Aloha everyone! As you know the Hawaii Beach Permit process has been a hot topic for some time. The old beach permits allowed wedding planners to secure (through an application process and paying applicable fees) one beach location per client. The problem with that is that if you listed on your application to have your client get married at a beach and then go to that beach (at the specified date & time) only to find that it's raining, you legally can not drive down the road to a beach where the weather is more suitable. Well now you can. The new beach permits are allowing wedding planners to list a secondary beach location as a back up. Of course, if both of your listed beach locations are not suitable then you are out of luck. You can not drive down the road to the next white sand beach to get married. it will illegal to do so. For more information on this subject contact First Class Weddings, Inc.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beach Permit Update

The Catholic Church is currently filing a lawsuit to dispuit the State of Hawaii's ruling of implementing a mandatory beach use permit to get married on most beaches in Hawaii. The church clearly is offended by the State's disregard for the freedom to practice a persons religion on a beach. This violates the Constitution of the United States and the State of Hawaii's actions make it clear that they did not take the freedom to practice a persons religion under consideration before passing laws that would create such an uproar. Currently, the DLNR prevents kneeling benches, wine or other religious practices, arches, alters, chairs, and other items on the beach. We would like to hear what you have to say about the subject. We invite you to voice your perspective on this issue!